Terms & Conditions


To provide a price quote for any usage, you will need to provide the following information.

  • Specific use. In which media will the picture(s) be used? i.e. book, brochure, website etc
  • Industry. In what industry will it be used? e.g. newspaper, advertising, publishing..
  • Distribution area. Local, regional, national international
  • Size. The image size related to the final page size if printed, i.e. Full page, 1/2 page for print or if used on a website the screen size
  • Total circulation. i.e how many copies will be produced
  • Duration. The amount of time that you plan to use the image(s)
  • Start/End date


You are granted a licence for a 1 Time Non-Exclusive Use. This means that you can use this image for one type of publication or web domain only. If you use the image in a brochure, you do not have the right to create a new product such as a magazine ad which uses the same image without geting new rights.

Click here to read the terms of Stephen Belcher Photography Limited's licence agreement

Please contact us at info@stephenbelcher.net if Exclusive usage is required


Image files will be sent to your email address. Please let us know if you want the image/images on a CD/DVD.

Image Resolution

The images will be delivered as high resolution RGB files, printable in minimum A4 size, 300 dpi.

Photographer Stephen Belcher is the trading name used by Stephen Belcher Photography Ltd.