Stephen Belcher ... in his own words

The most difficult animal to photograph so far...

“Each has their challenges - none of the animals I photograph mean I can just walk down a road or into a field and take a photograph within a few minutes. I spend the majority of my time out in the field, in difficult environments and in all types of terrain. But, if I did have to choose then the Golden Snub-nosed Monkeys in China were definitely one of the hardest. It involved days of travelling to get there, and lots of red tape and permits. The location was difficult too; being up in the mountains above the snow line and living in a very basic hut. Then I was going out each day on foot to seek out the monkeys in very wild territory and with extreme cold, snow and wind. The monkeys too were a challenge; they move very quickly, spend a large amount of their time in the trees, and are easily scared by a strange noise or smell.”

Many of my photographs are used by magazines and publications worldwide both to illustrate feature articles and for magazine covers. Please find below some recent examples.

  • National Geographic, April 2016
  • The New York Times, February 2016
  • Smithsonian, January 2016

    The Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History opened "Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards Presents: The Best of the Best exhibition. The temporary exhibition features more than 100 large image format prints selected from nearly 500,000 images submitted over the 20 years by photographers from around the globe for the annual Nature's Best Photography: Windland Smith Rice International Awards.
  • Hakai Magazine, December 2015
  • Christmas Island National Park Sign December 2015
  • The Telegraph, October 2015
  • Yellow Crazy Ants and Red Crabs
    GEOLino November 2015
  • Javan Rhino
    Action Asia May/June 2015
  • The Moscow times, May 2015
  • Takahe Recovery (Dept. of Conservation NZ)
  • EarthShare Washington
  • Canon Advertorial Javan Rhino 2015
  • WWF Javan Rhino Campaign July 2015
  • City Code Magazine, March 2015 Greece
  • The Horn Autumn 2014
  • International Rhino Foundation Annual Report 2014
  • Australian Stamp August 2014
  • Australian First Day Cover August 2014
  • New Zealand Herald December 2013
  • Terre Sauvage Cover December 2013
  • Japanese Snow Monkeys
    Scholastic News Cover, December 2013
  • Komodo Dragon
    Ranger Rick Magazine, National Wildlife Federation November 2013
  • Kakapo Plumage
    Air New Zealand Inflight Magazine Cover May 2013
  • Tecklenborg Catalogue 2013 Cover
  • Tecklenborg Catalogue 2013
  • Kakapo feature article
    Roots Magazine, November 2012
  • Christmas Island Crabs and Yellow Crazy Ants article
    Illustreret Videnskab, issue 13/2012
  • Geo Lino magazine, August 2012
  • DVD Cover Image - BBC Earth Film "One Life" narrated by Daniel Craig.
    Also variously titled for international distribution. Released 2012
  • Weingarten Calendar Big Cats XL, 2013
  • Komodo Dragon
    Zo Zit Dat Magazine, August 2012
  • Kakapo Photo Portfolio
    Science Illustrated US Edition, July/August 2012
  • Kakapo
    Science Illustrated US Edition, July/August 2012
  • Christmas Island Red Crab
    Cover Australian Geographic Magazine, May-June 2012
  • Takahe feature article
    New Zealand Geographic , May-June 2012
  • Takahe
    Cover New Zealand Geographic, May-June 2012
  • Cover Tierfreund Magazine, April 2012
  • Kakapo, feature bird for April
    Terre Sauvage Magazine, April 2012
  • Kakapo, feature article
    Illustreret Videnskab, issue 4/2012
  • Cover of Geo Lino magazine, November 2011
  • Geo Lino magazine, November 2011
  • Red Crab Migration feature article,
    BBC Wildlife Magazine, October, 2011
  • Cover of Terre Sauvage Magazine, September 2011
    Golden Snub-nosed Monkey
  • Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, feature article
    Terre Sauvage, September 2011
  • Big Backyard Cover, September 2011
  • Science Illustrated Thailand edition cover August 2011,
    Zambian Fruit Bat Migration
  • Zambian Fruit Bat Migration feature article,
    Science Illustrated, Thailand edition, August 2011
  • Cover of Terre Sauvage Magazine, August 2011,
    Zambian Bat Migration
  • Zambian Fruit Bat Migration, feature article,
    Terre Sauvage, August 2011
  • Illustreret Videnskab issue 7 2011,
    Zambian Fruit Bat Migration
  • Zambian Fruit Bat Migration feature article,
    Illustreret Videnskab, issue 7/2011
  • Sumatran Rhino feature article,
    Illustreret Videnskab, issue 4/2011
  • BBC Wildlife Magazine June 2010 Sumatran Rhino Article
  • Christmas Island Red Crab Migration, in Migration feature,
    National Geographic German Edition December 2010
  • Cover BBC Knowledge Magazine Nov/Dec 2010,
    Sumatran Rhino
  • Sumatran Rhino feature article, BBC Knowledge Magazine,
    Nov/Dec 2010
  • Cover of International Rhino Foundation Annual Report 2009
  • Cover VivArt Magazine Spring Edition 2009